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Former local news reporter, spokesperson launches communications company

Coghill Communications made its existence known to the general public this week with an announcement on social media. Former local television news reporter and spokesperson Erica Coghill shared that she launched the company in Sept. 2022, adopting the title of Founder & CEO of Coghill Communications.

“It’s something I’ve dreamt of for a while,” said Erica. “Last year, I decided I was going to turn that dream into reality.”

Coghill Communications provides a wide range of communications services, from public relations to video production and much more.

Helping businesses reach new heights

Prior to becoming a businessowner, Erica spent nearly 10 years of her career as a television news reporter, representing major network affiliates as a trusted voice in the community, before transitioning to the marketing and public relations field.

“I’ve worked in the communications industry for more than 15 years, and in that time I’ve built an extensive network and skillset. The timing was right to take what I’ve learned and create something really impactful—a business that helps other businesses reach new heights.”

From working in intense, high-pressure news environments to strategizing PR and marketing campaigns for multiple clients, Erica calls the launching of Coghill Communications her “most exciting professional challenge, yet!”

Delivering on quality

Erica has managed brands in the health care, non-profit, animal welfare, government, machine manufacturing and journalism sectors.

She prides herself in leading with integrity. Erica handles her clients' brands with great care and attention to detail. She fights for the success of each client, because she says when they win, Coghill Communications wins.

“I truly want to see each and every one of my clients succeed,” said Erica.

“I’ve supported companies who’ve hired freelance marketing agencies that did the bare minimum for a paycheck. We don’t operate like that at Coghill Communications. We take great pride in our work. When you work with us, there’s a quality standard that we continuously deliver on.”

Interested in working with Coghill Communications?

Learn more about the services offered, and connect for a free consultation and proposal.

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