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Maintain a steady stream of content with ghostwriters

Marketing is essential to the success of a business.

A strong marketing strategy requires a lot of time and expertise.

Many small business owners optimistically take-on marketing duties themselves, wearing ALL the hats.

While "doing it all" may seem like a feasible and cost-effective approach, it's just not realistic nor sustainable.

Remaining relevant requires time and skill

In today's world of communications, brands are expected to have a presence on an exhaustive list of platforms.

Business owners simply cannot effectively keep up with finances, operations AND marketing on their own.

Enlisting the support of a marketing strategist can help your business reach new revenue heights by increasing brand awareness.

In its simplest form, marketing is intended to help companies put their best feet forward, in front of as many potential customers as possible.

The idea is to remain top of mind so that when someone needs a service like yours, they think of you!

There are many ways to achieve this, from social media to ads, blogs, mailers, email blasts and much more.

Hiring someone to strategize and manage those tactics is well worth the investment, but if you don't currently have room in your budget to go "all in" on marketing strategy, at the very least, hire a ghostwriter for support.

Ghostwriters do the work while you get the credit

So what's a ghostwriter?

They write content for people, but forego the credit, instead crediting the pieces to the people they write them for.

Ghostwriters are most often utilized when people know what they want to say, but don't have the time or writing skill to execute.

Coghill Communications has ghostwritten op-eds, blog and social media posts, email blasts, and quotes for articles and news releases, just to name a few.

Could you use help communicating your message?

Let's work together!

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