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We strengthen brands.

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Providing a wide range of services, from public relations to video production and much more.

How far do you want to go? We'll help you reach the top!  

Public Relations

  • Media & crisis training

  • Media pitching

  • Writing

    • Media releases & advisories

    • Statements

    • Speeches

    • Articles

Reporters interviewing interviewee, microphones, spokesperson, camera, public relations, news, interview
On camera, script writing, lighting, voice over, lights, camera, host, on-camera, green screen, talent, hosting, video production, videographer, videography, studio


  • Videography

  • Script writing

  • Editing

  • On-camera hosting

  • Voice over


  • Media spokesperson representation

  • On-camera hosting

  • Emceeing

  • Public speaking​​

Erica Coghill emceeing, hosting, emcee, audience, crowd, speaker, public speaking, script, event host, master of ceremonies
web management, copywriting, website, websites, web development, planning, content, strategy, strategize


  • Planning

  • Conceptualizing

  • Design

  • Copywriting

  • Content creation

Social Media


  • ​Content creation

  • Ad creation

  • Analytics reporting​​

social media management, ad creation, content creation, analytics reporting, facebook, instagram, community, email, youtube, tiktok, strategy, twitter, linkedin

Perception Matters

How will your brand be perceived?

Connect with us today to get started.


Erica Coghill, Founder & CEO of Coghill Communications, reporter, PR strategist, public relations, media, communications expert, marketing manager

Erica Coghill is the Founder and CEO of Coghill Communications. She is a leader in the communications industry with more than 15 years of experience growing audiences and profits for a variety of brands. 

Erica spent nearly 10 years of her career as a television news reporter, representing major network affiliates as a trusted voice in the community, before transitioning to the marketing and public relations field. From working in intense, high-pressure news environments to strategizing PR and marketing campaigns for multiple clients, Erica took on her most exciting professional adventure with the launching of Coghill Communications in 2022.

She has managed brands in the health care, non-profit, animal welfare, government, machine manufacturing and journalism sectors. Erica possesses strong writing skills, in which she has crafted thousands of compelling articles, news releases and advisories, speeches, video scripts, and many other written communications throughout her career. She has a knack for breaking-down complicated subjects into easy-to-understand content, and a passion for creative storytelling, public speaking and building connections.

Erica leads Coghill Communications with integrity, handling clients' brands with great care and attention to detail. She fights for the success of each client, because when they win, Coghill Communications wins. 


Want to work together? Connect today to schedule a free consultation. You will then receive a personalized proposal based on your individual branding needs.

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